European Medical Students Orchestra and Choir

EMSOC 2018 will be held in the Netherlands! More information will follow soon, stay tuned!




"After five times, if you ask me to describe EMSOC in just one word it would be "family". Ten days every year where you visit a new place, make new friends, meet old ones, enjoy music and spend time together. At the end of each EMSOC, the plan is to do everything possible to be at the next one, because it is the greatest oppurtunity to do something I love with amazing people! 

If you study medicine and love music, join us to have an unforgettable week"

Inês Pereira, Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal


"EMSOC was an amazing experience that I would recommend to all med students that love music as I do. This event allowed me to sing a Master Piece such as Lauda Sion, but also folk songs from Switzerland and also more contemporary music. Besides the musical part, it's a very good opportunity to visit countries and learn about their culture, not only the host country, but also the countries from the other participants. Can't wait for the Netherlands."


João Nuno Gonçalo, Universidade dos Açores, Portugal


" I have never been so motivated to sing my parts as good as possible. The level of singing was astounding, not to mention the way the orchestra and choir supported each other. I met lots of new people and I expanded my musical abilities and knowledge. All this was done in a very pleasant atmosphere where everybody became a friend, in a matter of days! "